History Stories
The Pretzel: A Twisted History
April 24, 2015

In celebration of National Pretzel Day (April 26), explore the history of this popular snack food, from the seventh century to today. Read More

Who Invented Sliced Bread?
January 16, 2015

Everybody’s heard the expression “the greatest thing since sliced bread,” but who actually invented the popular food? Read More

From New York to Montreal: What’s in a Bagel?
June 27, 2014

Find out just how these two delicious (and different) schools of bagel making came to be. Read More

Bread or Blood: The Richmond Bread Riot
August 23, 2013

Find out what made Southern women take to the streets during the American Civil War. Read More

Sourdough, From Start to Finish (Video)
January 4, 2013

Host Ian Knauer bakes a crusty loaf of sourdough, thought to be the oldest kind of bread in existence. Read More

A Brief History of Bread
December 18, 2012

Bread, in all its various forms, is the most widely consumed food in the world. Read More