History Stories
The Surprising History of the Real Chef Boy-Ar-Dee
August 27, 2015

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee was not only a real person, but a culinary talent who headed the kitchen at a New York icon and catered a presidential wedding. Read More

Lights, Camera, Action: The First TV Chefs
November 7, 2014

Long before Emeril Lagasse and even Julia Child, folks were learning the ins and outs of cuisine from their televisions. Read More

Edward Kidder’s Pies: The First Cooking School
November 1, 2013

Cooking knowledge has been passed down since the first human thought to grill meat over a fire, but formal culinary schools are a much more recent invention. Read More

Julia Child at 100: Celebrating a Culinary Legacy
August 10, 2012

We remember the life and legacy of cooking sensation Julia Child, who would have turned 100 this August 15. Read More