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CATEGORY: Rationing
D-Day Rations: How Chocolate Helped Win the War
June 6, 2014

What did Allied troops storming the beaches at Normandy carry in their knapsacks for sustenance? Read More

This Candy Can Withstand War and Space
June 2, 2014

Did you know the hugely popular popular candy got its start during World War II? Read More

Lunch With Libby: WWI Rations and Red Cross Cakes
May 30, 2014

Find out more about the diet of American troops in Europe and shares a popular recipe for a well-preserved treat that loved ones could send to their boys "over there." Read More

America’s Patriotic Victory Gardens
May 29, 2014

During both World Wars, America's agricultural production became a powerful military tool. Read More

Food Rationing in Wartime America
May 23, 2014

Read More

Bread or Blood: The Richmond Bread Riot
August 23, 2013

Find out what made Southern women take to the streets during the American Civil War. Read More

Desecrated Vegetables: The Hardships of Civil War Eating
July 5, 2013

When you think of military food, the word “delicious” doesn’t often come to mind. We're’re taking a look back at the food that fed hungry troops, both the blue and the grey, during the American Civil War. Read More