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A close-up of the text of the Code of Hammurabi.

How the Code of Hammurabi Influenced Modern Legal Systems

It’s been nearly 3,800 years since Hammurabi extended his rule across ancient Mesopotamia, a region that between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that includes what is now Iraq, as well as portions of Kuwait, Turkey and Syria. But the Babylonian king, whose likeness is among the more


How the Coercive Acts Helped Spark the American Revolution

In 1774, the British Parliament passed the Coercive Acts, a group of measures primarily intended to punish Boston for rebellion against the British government—namely, the Boston Tea Party. However, the impact of these acts stretched far beyond Massachusetts. The four acts, along more

President Gerald Ford wearing a WIN (Whip Inflation Now) button on his lapel during Republican campaigns in North & South Carolina.

How Gerald Ford Tried to Fight Inflation

Just two months after becoming president and one month after pardoning Richard Nixon in the wake of the Watergate scandal, President Gerald Ford turned to another challenge facing the country: high inflation. The Republican president’s solution, unveiled in an October 8, 1974 more