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How FDR Charmed a Saudi King and Won U.S. Access to Oil

A secret war-time meeting. Fear of an oil shortage. An exchange of gifts (including a wheelchair) and a budding friendship. When Franklin D. Roosevelt met with Abdul Aziz ibn Saud on February 14, 1945 aboard a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Suez Canal, it was the first time a U.S. more

Hed- A painting depicting the final hours of the Battle of the Alamo with former congressman and frontiersman Davey Crocket in the foreground on March 6%2c 1836 in San Antonio%2c Republic of Texas. (Illustration by Ed VebellGetty Images)

Why Mexican Americans Say ‘The Border Crossed Us’

Before Texas was a U.S. state, it was its own independent nation where both Mexicans and white immigrants were citizens. But during the nine years that the Republic of Texas existed, Mexicans became outsiders as white settlers made it more difficult for them to vote and hold onto more