Lindsay Persico

Episode 1

Age: 33

Hometown:Missoula, MT

Lindsay is a wife and mother of three who chases adventure wherever she goes. Currently living in Montana after growing up in Idaho, her passion is hunting big game and predators. Her love of hunting began as a little girl as she watched her dad head out on hunting trips. It wasn’t long until Lindsay was packing her own gear and heading out with him. That time with her father helped her develop her love for wildlife and the outdoors.

Lindsay often shares her experiences through her writings on her website and YouTube channel, Hunt Fiber, and other various hunting media outlets so that others may be inspired to learn, explore and chase their own outdoor adventures. She is always learning and seeking to grow mentally and physically. She loves a challenge, and views them as opportunities to develop herself and add excitement to her personal adventure story.

This unique experience will be one of Lindsay’s greatest adventures yet. She cannot imagine all of the amazing and priceless new lessons she will learn along the way!