Tap Out Q&A: Alex and Logan Ribar

Father and son duo, Alex and Logan Ribar took on the Vancouver Island wilderness this season. Logan learned a lot of his survival skills by sharing long camping trips with his father, Alex, whom he credits as his biggest inspiration.

1. Explain your reasoning behind selecting your partner

Alex & Logan: We chose to move forward with the father and son pairing because win or lose, it would surely be a journey for us to bond and learn from. Especially Logan who was only 19 years old when we began this journey on the show.

2. How did you prepare physically and emotionally for this challenge?

Alex: As a Marine and avid outdoorsman (hunting, fishing and camping, etc.), Logan was taught survival techniques from an early age. Building traps, shelters, primitive fire starting and learning edible plant/animal and insects to procure as nourishment to survive in the wild was and is a family practice. Maine is a physical state with wilderness all around. Quite literally nature’s playground! Doing things such as hiking, hunting and beyond is the norm along with cutting fire wood to warm the home in the harsh winters. Also, physical activities such as weight lifting, martial arts and competitive sports run deep in our family so being active is something that comes natural to us.

3. What were the most challenging moments throughout your experience?

Alex: Team separation between myself and my son was by far the most challenging. As a father, I felt that this was a major factor in how our journey ended. Anyone can have great skills but if you have never been truly alone in such harsh terrain and elements such as Logan, it can be extremely eye opening and a complete shock. Put it this way, “What’s the first thing to go when crap hits the fan? The plan.” Overall, it was a great lesson learned. This wasn’t nature’s playground…at 19 year’s old or 90 year’s old…it was hell’s door step and a significant challenge to overcome. We are beyond grateful to have taken part in this experience.

4. Why did you decide to tap out?

Logan: The hellish terrain where I was based made movement and shelter location almost impossible. The elements took their toll on me mentally and physically much sooner than I could have ever anticipated.

5. What did you learn about yourself during this entire experience?

Logan: I have great respect for my father and what lesson’s he has to teach. I also learned that you can’t fool Mother Nature. Experience makes you stronger and more resilient. I have many more journeys ahead of me and I am excited to embark on them. I will look back and learn and then look forward and dream!

Alex: As a father, I have no regrets. What a great journey for a dad and son to have! As a Marine, all I can say is, “enough said.”

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