Tap Out Q&A: Josh and Brad Richardson

From a very young age, Josh and Brad went camping, fishing and canoeing with their father. For Brad, joining the Boy Scouts strengthened his love for the outdoors. This season, the brothers were contestants on Alone, but were unable to take home the grand prize. Here, they reflect on their time on Vancouver Island.

1. Explain your reasoning behind selecting your partner.

Josh & Brad – We have always been together while camping and practicing primitive living. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. There is no one else we can imagine doing something like this with.

2. How did you prepare physically and emotionally for this challenge?

Josh & Brad – We both practiced our skills religiously for months leading up to this challenge. We secluded ourselves in the wild and spent most of our nights in the forest. We also practiced fasting and made major diet adjustments.

3. What were the most challenging moments throughout your experience?

Josh – Trying to find an area to set up a shelter was an extremely difficult task for me. I was searching for hours trying to find any piece of land that wasn’t completely overgrown or swampy.

Brad – Staying dry was quite the challenge. Hiking to find my brother was an all-day task, so finding a safe and dry place to camp was last on the list. Having to film and carry around camera equipment was a completely separate challenge.

4. Why did you decide to tap out?

Josh – The decision to tap out was not one that I made lightly. At the time it didn’t seem like I had much of a choice. I was without shelter, clean water, or dry/flat ground and I couldn’t put any weight on my injured ankle. It didn’t seem possible to continue on.

5. What did you learn about yourself during this entire experience?

Josh – Although my time on the island was short, I think I did learn a lot. I’d say that the biggest thing I took away from this experience is to slow down and think things through. It can be really easy to become overwhelmed in an environment like Vancouver Island, and I learned that I tend to move without thinking when I become overwhelmed. This led to me injuring my ankle. If I had kept a clear head I think I may have been able to avoid injury.

Brad – This was a unique experience that I’m proud to have been a part of. Though it was a short journey, I left feeling much stronger mentally. I think we were all just as nervous as we were excited for this opportunity. After putting endless hours into training and then using my skills in such a wild environment, I feel much more self-reliant and confident in myself.

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