Tap Out Q&A: Shannon and Jesse Bosdell

Brothers Shannon and Jesse Bosdell did their best to conquer Vancouver Island this season. Unfortunately, Shannon’s injury eventually caused them to tap out.

1. Explain your reasoning behind selecting your partner.

Shannon: I felt that with my brother, Jesse’s, background and our upbringing using these skills that he would be the right choice to take part in this experience with me.

Jesse: Shannon selected me. But he is the only one as silly as I am to go through an experience like this. 🙂

2. How did you prepare physically and emotionally for this challenge?

Shannon: Jesse and I spent a lot of time in the bush together the summer before to get ready both physically and mentally for this challenge.

Jesse: I gained 30+ pounds prior to being on the show to deal with the food shortage but kept up a rigorous hiking program to maintain strength. Emotionally, I have been prepared for an experience like this for a while since, growing up, my brothers would leave me locked in a chest in the woods to escape and fend for myself.

3. What were the most challenging moments throughout your experience?

Shannon: When I hurt myself, it was a challenging decision to tap out. I was really torn as to whether I should go home or push on and hope it got better. Unfortunately, the former thought ultimately influenced my decision.

Jesse: Having to see my brother stagger up to me when we landed was very difficult. It was also challenging to see him after they pulled me from the bush.

4. Why did you decide to tap out?

Shannon: My injury was ultimately what swayed my decision to tap out. However, my final decision was also made because of what my wife said as I left to start on this journey which was, “Win or lose, just come home to me. Don’t be stubborn and kill yourself out there.”

Jesse: It was Shannon who decided to tap out and we are a team. Because if it were up to me; I didn’t. I wouldn’t. I couldn’t.

5. What did you learn about yourself during this entire experience?

Shannon: I learned that sometimes even when you lose, you win.

Jesse: I need to walk faster.

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