American Jungle

American Jungle

S 1 E 8

A King Is Crowned

Jan 06, 2014 | 44m 11s | tv-14 v/l | CC

With the Big Island suffering the worst drought in decades, the clans head north to the Waipio Valley where the animals are more plentiful. Also known as the “Valley of the Kings” because of its royal history, this sacred land is respected and protected by all the hunting clans. The Outsiders try to establish themselves by hunting the Valley of the Kings, but they take a big risk entering the sacred valley as relative newcomers. Scotty and the Spear clan, on the other hand, have been hunting in the valley for generations, but run into more aggravation as one of their two kills mysteriously goes missing. Forever at odds, The Correas and the Rosas meet once again in the jungle. Violence ensues and Pa is injured as a result.

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