Appalachian Outlaws

Appalachian Outlaws

S 2 E 5

Snakes and a Plane

Mar 02, 2015 | 43m 3s | tv-14 v,l | CC

Tony Coffman has one more day to deliver his midseason total of 1,000 pounds to the Chinese Syndicate. Mr. Lee sends an associate to Tony’s office to wait for delivery. Sam Lunsford and his gang intimidate diggers and build their ginseng empire in North Carolina. Mike Ross and Mitch Simpson continue their campaign to flush poachers out of West Virginia. Greg Shook partners with Ewok to navigate the river and find ginseng. Obie Bennett finds the huge honeyhole but has to escape from Raven and Ki. Tony sends an airplane to pick up Obie and return with the huge stash. Greg and Ewok deliver their ginseng and Tony is able to finish his midseason order. Ron McMillion makes a deal with Sam Lunsford to sell out West Virginia’s ginsengers.

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