Appalachian Outlaws

Appalachian Outlaws

S 2 E 9

Battle at Wolf Creek

Mar 30, 2015 | 43m 10s | tv-14 v,l | CC

Just when he’s ready to call it quits for the season and accept the fact that he’s lost over twenty thousand dollars of ginseng to the Lunsford Gang, Obie Bennett gets a tip about the location of the gang’s secret storage spot from an unlikely source–his old partner, Ron McMillion. Also, Greg Shook and EJ Henderson pursue a tip of their own that leads the two of them to an impasse over their moral differences. With three days left to fill the final four hundred pounds of his Chinatown order, Tony Coffman is faced with difficult decisions. Meanwhile, when a group of poachers trespass his farm in the middle of the night, Mike Ross pulls out all the stops and unleashes a deadly firestorm to drive them away.

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