Barbarians Rising

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 1 Resistance
S 1 E 1


Aired on Jun 06, 2016

An epic 700-year battle for freedom begins as the barbarians rise against Rome; Hannibal builds a rebel alliance and conquers the Alps; the shepherd Viriathus unleashes a wave of resistance to save his people from destruction.

 2 Rebellion
S 1 E 2


Aired on Jun 13, 2016

Rome brings its enemies inside its borders as the age of Empire begins; Spartacus leads a slave uprising that threatens Rome on its own turf; Arminius, Germania’s native son raised as a Roman, must choose a side in the fight for freedom.

 3 Revenge
S 1 E 3


Aired on Jun 20, 2016

Arminius unites the tribes and engineers an ambush attack to drive Rome out of Germania; Boudica unleashes bloody vengeance on the Empire; Rome’s betrayal of the Goths ends in an apocalyptic clash.

 4 Ruin
S 1 E 4


Aired on Jun 27, 2016

Alaric’s Goths sack Rome; Attila the Hun seizes power through chaos and destruction while the barbarians move in for the kill. The Vandal king, Geiseric, masterminds the end of Rome; the Empire falls.

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