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 1 Needle in a Haystack
S 1 E 1

Needle in a Haystack

Aired on Jun 20, 2020

When a fisherman goes missing off the Florida coast, USCG Air Station Miami is tasked with the impossible; finding a 14-foot boat in a vast, churned up Atlantic Ocean. In the Pacific Ocean, the USCG Cutter Munro and Tactical Law Enforcement team members pursue suspected drug smugglers in international waters.

 2 Night Shift
S 1 E 2

Night Shift

Aired on Jun 27, 2020
In the cover of night, drug smugglers try to evade US counter narcotics intelligence, but darkness doesn't stop the United States Coast Guard from taking down the suspects. In Oregon, surging high tides trap two hikers at sunset, forcing USCG Air Station Astoria to find them in the midst of miles of pitch-black mudflats and freezing temperatures. In the Florida Keys, rescuers search for a man reported struggling in the water and the rescue takes an unexpected turn.
 3 In a Marathon Minute
S 1 E 3

In a Marathon Minute

Aired on Jul 04, 2020
In Florida, USCG Sector Key West receives a report of plane debris floating in the water. In a race against time, the search and rescue crew from Station Marathon follow clues scattered in the water and search for survivors. Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, the USCGC Munro and Tactical Law Enforcement Team members engage drug runners in a dangerous high-speed chase through international waters.
 4 Storm Front
S 1 E 4

Storm Front

Aired on Jul 11, 2020
Multiple US Coast Guard crews search for vessels in distress overtaken by powerful storms. In the Florida Keys, a sailboat calls the Coast Guard for help, and the only way to save the captain and his boat is by taking a leap of faith. In the Eastern Pacific Ocean, Coast Guard Cutter Munro and Law Enforcement team members chase down a non-compliant boat suspected of running illegal drugs to the United States.
 5 Cliff Hanger
S 1 E 5

Cliff Hanger

Aired on Jul 18, 2020
In Oregon, the United States Coast Guard Air Station crew navigate challenging elements and extreme shoreline terrain to extract a stranded hiker perilously clinging to the edge of a cliff. In the Florida Keys, Station Marathon personnel sharpen their climbing skills in a completely different way, when they are called on to rescue a man and his dog stranded overnight on a small remote island. In a bizarre plot twist, the man's wife--missing with their boat--becomes a person of interest.
 6 Semper Paratus
S 1 E 6

Semper Paratus

Aired on Jul 25, 2020

Sixty miles at sea off of Key West Florida, a family cruise takes a terrible turn when Air Station Miami is launched to rescue a six-year-old boy with a possible burst appendix. In the Pacific Northwest, a rookie rescue swimmer attempts to rescue a family and their dog who must abandon ship in 20-foot storm ravaged seas. During the Covid-19 pandemic duty calls when a pregnant woman aboard a cruise ship needs urgent medical attention.

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