Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning

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To this day, the backwoods descendants of the Hatfields and McCoys continue to live in the remote and volatile hollows along the West Virginia and Kentucky border. Settled in one of the poorest areas of the country, they work in coal mines, hunt squirrels, raise goats, revere their grannies, make moonshine and take pride in their history. While more than 100 years has passed since their historic feud began, locals know there is still no love lost between the Hatfields and McCoys. Now, a new state law could make things even worse, starting a whole new chapter of their infamous rivalry.

To aid a troubled economy, West Virginia recently legalized the distillation and sale of moonshine. Residents can now openly sell the once-illicit whiskey their ancestors killed and died for. Seeing the potential for a hot new brand and billion dollar profits, a St. Louis investor offers to set the Hatfields and McCoys up in business to make a completely “authentic” HATFIELD & MCCOY Moonshine. The families must supply their legendary recipes, well water and family labor, and they must agree to work together. “Every silver lining has its cloud,” Granny McCoy sighs.

Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning follows these two famous families as they try to put aside their hateful history and come together to build a new business. Their story is less about making moonshine and more about the clashes between and within the two families that threaten success at every turn. The only thing they agree on is that they are suspicious of their new investor: “He seems as trustworthy as a fox in a henhouse,” says patriarch Mark Hatfield. Progress is slow and often comedic as tempers flare up, tensions run high and family competition and century-old rivalries continue on a whole new level. Can the Hatfields and McCoys get past their famous feud and find a path to a brighter future and a new history?

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