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 10 MonsterQuest: Gators in the City
S 1 E 10

MonsterQuest: Gators in the City

Aired on Mar 11, 2021

Could the most populated metropolis in the country be home to a colony of dangerous alligators? Or are gators in New York only an urban legend?

 9 MonsterQuest: Real Vampires
S 1 E 9

MonsterQuest: Real Vampires

Aired on Oct 30, 2020

Are vampires fictional bloodthirsty characters that live only in best-selling books, blockbuster movies and trendy television series? Or do real vampires exist among us?

 8 MonsterQuest: Predators of the Deep
S 1 E 8

MonsterQuest: Predators of the Deep

Aired on Oct 23, 2020
In legends, they're called "krakens": enormous squid with tentacles that terrify and can squeeze the life from sailors. Are they real? MonsterQuest goes into the deep to capture the first footage of these giant squid.
 7 MonsterQuest: The Hunt for Real Dragons
S 1 E 7

MonsterQuest: The Hunt for Real Dragons

Aired on Oct 16, 2020

They’re huge, ferocious and frightening. They live in remote corners of the world. Are these real dragons descendants of prehistoric reptiles?

 6 MonsterQuest: The Mystery of Chupacabra
S 1 E 6

MonsterQuest: The Mystery of Chupacabra

Aired on Oct 09, 2020

Something strange is killing animals and sucking the blood from its victims. Is this creature the mysterious Chupacabra of legend, or a gruesome new hybrid mutation?

 5 MonsterQuest: Dangerous Primates
S 1 E 5

MonsterQuest: Dangerous Primates

Aired on Sep 25, 2020
The MonsterQuest team is investigating sightings of dangerous ape like creatures across North America. Are these apes in the wild or a mysterious legend that stalks forests and swamps?
 4 Monster Quest: Deadly Jellyfish
S 1 E 4

Monster Quest: Deadly Jellyfish

Aired on Sep 18, 2020

Jellyfish attacks are on the rise around the world and the most lethal of these stings can cause death in three minutes. Why are these primitive creatures taking over our oceans and threatening humans and marine life? The MonsterQuest investigation team searches for answers behind the population explosion of jellyfish.

 3 MonsterQuest: Feline Beasts
S 1 E 3

MonsterQuest: Feline Beasts

Aired on Sep 04, 2020

Large and dangerous cats are stalking suburban neighborhoods throughout the United States. Witnesses claim they are attacking humans and killing deer. Are these demonic cats? The MonsterQuest investigation team goes undercover to examine evidence and eyewitness accounts to reveal the identity of this beast before it kills again.

 2 MonsterQuest: Chasing Bigfoot
S 1 E 2

MonsterQuest: Chasing Bigfoot

Aired on Aug 29, 2020

Is Bigfoot a terrifying myth or a real violent creature? The MonsterQuest team investigates the Bigfoot mystery by going into the wild to examine photos, audio recordings and eyewitness accounts.

 1 Serpentine Creatures
S 1 E 1

Serpentine Creatures

Aired on Aug 29, 2020

Sightings of serpentine creatures lurking in dark waters around the globe have been documented for centuries. The MonsterQuest team investigates two legends in an attempt to uncover the truth of what lies below the surface.

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