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 1 The Third Antichrist?
S 1 E 1

The Third Antichrist?

Aired on Sep 09, 2009
History's most acclaimed prophet, Nostradamus, saw the arrival of three antichrists that would plague mankind. But who are they? When will they come and what disasters will they cause? Can we decode the visions of Nostradamus in time to ward off a coming apocalypse? Some say at least two of the prophesied antichrists have already appeared. Clues hidden in Nostradamus's writings point to Napoleon Bonaparte, one of history's most bloodthirsty tyrants and the Emperor of France, as the first. Shockingly precise quatrains also seem to point to Adolph Hitler as the next, and even more terrifying second antichrist. Now, believers search the writings of Nostradamus for evidence that the third antichrist is already here. Will he learn from Napoleon and Hitler? Will be he even stronger and more bloodthirsty? And will his reign signal the start of the end times for mankind?
 2 Da Vinci's Armageddon
S 1 E 2

Da Vinci's Armageddon

Aired on Sep 16, 2009
Was Leonardo Da Vinci, one of history's great philosophers, artists and engineers, a secret prophet? And did he envision world destruction of such biblical proportions that it haunted him until the end of his days? Clues hidden in Da Vinci's paintings, his re-discovered prophetic "riddles" and the events of his life now suggest that he, too, was influenced by the Nostradamus Effect. 400 years ago, Da Vinci may have intercepted signs and warnings as early as his boyhood. He witnessed a devastating flood that ravaged his city and that seems to have haunted him with depictions of a watery apocalypse similar to the biblical great flood. Are the clues Da Vinci hid within his writings, his sketches and his masterpieces, all a secret code pointing to a great deluge that will wipe out all mankind?
 3 2012 Extinction
S 1 E 3

2012 Extinction

Aired on Sep 23, 2009

The Maya, an ancient South American culture, predicted that time would end in a violent apocalypse on December 21, 2012. They created an elaborate astronomical calendar called “The Long Count,” which stops abruptly in 2012. This date, which is also the winter equinox, coincides with an incredibly rare galactic alignment that happens once every 26,000 years. What did the Mayans think would happen when their calendar ended? And were they joined by other cultures–from different parts of the world and in different centuries–all pointing to 2012 as a calamitous end time? The Hopi Indians and Eastern Hindus have similar calendars, which are remarkably synchronous. One counter-culture mystic even uses an Ancient Chinese philosophy to unlock the key to a 2012 prophecy. Nostradamus himself suggests the world is headed toward a coming cataclysm. What can we do to head the warning of the Mayan apocalypse?

 5 The Apocalypse Code
S 1 E 5

The Apocalypse Code

Aired on Oct 07, 2009
Sir Isaac Newton is one of the greatest geniuses in history, but few know that he also predicted a shocking new date of the Apocalypse. Though famous for discovering gravity, calculus, and the basic laws of universal motion, Newton possessed a very dark and mysterious side. Thousands of his private papers, only recently made available, reveal a man secretly obsessed with alchemy and Biblical prophecy.
 6 Son of Nostradamus
S 1 E 6

Son of Nostradamus

Aired on Oct 14, 2009
In 1994 a secret manuscript hidden in the Vatican Library revealed a previously unknown apocalyptic prophesy credited to history's most notorious seer, Michel de Nostradamus. Where did this "Lost Book" come from and who was its author? The answers to these questions might help establish whether the horrible illustrations in the book point to mankind's violent end. Although the book's cover displays the name Michel Nostradamus, some believe the true author is his eldest son, Cesar. Was Cesar Nostradamus also a prophet? One who struggled with his own visions? Did he, like his father, operate in the shadow of a powerful and unforgiving Church? And was he, too, cursed with the ability to see mankind's doomed future in order to warn future generations?
 7 Secrets of the Seven Seals
S 1 E 7

Secrets of the Seven Seals

Aired on Oct 21, 2009
The Book of Revelation, the most terrifying and controversial book of the Bible, was written by an exiled prophet almost two thousand years ago. The final chapters of the New Testament describe mankind's violent end of days--a seven-year period of unparalleled death and destruction. Jesus breaks seven seals that unleash three waves of devastation--natural and man-made, from the sky and from deep within the earth. The Antichrist will rise. Pestilence, famine, war, and natural disasters will purge humanity before Jesus returns for the final battle between good and evil. But who is the Antichrist? Who will survive God's wrath? And when will this apocalypse happen?
 8 Fatima's Lost Prophecy
S 1 E 8

Fatima's Lost Prophecy

Aired on Nov 04, 2009
In 1917, three young shepherd children from the small town of Fatima, Portugal, claim to be instruments of divine prophecy. The children report being visited by the Virgin Mary. Three haunting visions of death and destruction are revealed, but the children are forbidden to give details. Two of the children die within three years of receiving their visions. The third, Lucia, shares the three "secrets" with the Vatican. The Vatican debates the girl's stories. Could three children from a poor town have really been touched by divinity? And what of the visions? Lucia claimed the first vision revealed souls burning in a fiery hell. The second foretold the outbreak of World War II and the dangers of Communism. But the third was guarded closely by the Vatican until the year 2000. The final Fatima prophecy revealed an angel with a flaming sword setting the world on fire. Is this the entirety of the third secret, or is the Vatican hiding something far more sinister?
 9 Satan's Army
S 1 E 9

Satan's Army

Aired on Nov 11, 2009
Less than 100 years after the birth of Christ, John the Apostle received a terrifying vision of Satan's final war against God--a horrific account of death and destruction that will bring about the end of human history. Heavy with symbolism, the prophecy describes a woman riding a monster with seven heads, and a Lamb releasing Four Horsemen that bring conquest, war, famine, and death. What has experts frightened is that many of the events that set the stage for Satan's rampage have already come true. Satan's wrath will be poured out upon the world in a series of cataclysms--earthquakes, pandemics, famine, and pestilence. What follows will be a massive battle with Satan's legion in a quest for world domination. All signs point to this occurring in our lifetime, a prophecy echoed by Nostradamus. Are we about to suffer the horrors of the Apocalypse?
 10 Doomsday Hieroglyphs
S 1 E 10

Doomsday Hieroglyphs

Aired on Dec 02, 2009
The Great Pyramids of Egypt have amazed and mystified humanity for 45 centuries. A new look at their mysterious design reveals shocking architectural prophecies containing profound messages about a violent end to our future. Evidence shows that the construction and layout of the entire Giza complex, including the Sphinx, contain coded warnings about terrible tribulations set to strike us in our own times. New research will deconstruct the architectural clues and shed light on our doomed future. Why did the Egyptians believe that a rogue comet, called the Destroyer, which passes by earth every 3,000 years, will cause unimaginable destruction again in the year 2012? What prophecy-laden stones inside the Great Pyramid predicted that September of 2001 would mark the beginning of the end of the world? And what was the role of the ancient, secret society of Freemasons in creating these predictions and carrying Egyptian knowledge into the new world of America?
 11 Armageddon Battle Plan
S 1 E 11

Armageddon Battle Plan

Aired on Dec 09, 2009

In 1947, ancient scrolls were discovered in desert caves near the Dead Sea. One of the texts, now called the War Scroll, spells out in chilling detail a future apocalyptic war that will end the world. Are modern events fulfilling the prophecy of The War Scroll? In fear of imminent death, the Qumran settlers hid the War Scroll along with other records of the Hebrew Bible. Soon afterward, they disappeared into the dust of history, leaving a grim prophecy of doom. Now, researchers explore the writings in the War Scroll and search our world for clues that the apocalypse foretold may be approaching. Visit the Dead Sea ruins–where it all began–to examine the cultural and spiritual conflicts in which the Dead Sea Scrolls were born. Experts point to an amazing coincidence of events that occurred then and that are happening now. Could ancient horrors herald a warning of terror today that could lead to our annihilation?

 12 The Rapture
S 1 E 12

The Rapture

Aired on Dec 16, 2009
When millions of people all over the world vanish, a biblical prophecy that has come to be known as the Rapture will be fulfilled, and a floodgate of horrors will be opened on those who are left behind. The Apostle Paul foresaw a moment when all Christians would suddenly be caught up into the air with their Messiah. This would occur prior to the final outpouring of God's wrath upon the wicked. Even Native America Hopi predicted the faithful would be taken off the Earth in advance of a final war between good and evil. Many claim that all of the events that presage the Rapture have already happened. Does this mean that the Rapture is almost upon us? If so, we are now on the threshold of an Apocalypse.
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