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Shadow Force

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S 1 E 1

Deep Water

Aired on Nov 14, 2008

Travel with soldiers for hire. They are trained to handle the most hostile environments–a few of these highly trained experts can produce the same result as an army of 10,000. Watch as the team joins forces with the mercenary ship Rockfish off the coast of Liberia as they attempt to capture massive international fishing vessels who are stealing the country’s most prized resource. The team, working on a shoestring budget, will need to use every trick they know to take down these brutal pirates without getting killed.

S 1 E 2

Ivory Tracker

Aired on Nov 21, 2008

The team covertly joins forces with a local anti-poaching unit working to save Kenya’s last remaining black rhinos from execution by ivory-hungry poachers. With the rhino death toll on the rise, the team brings in sophisticated tracking gear that allows them to plant covert tracking equipment into the Rhino horns and then follow poachers back to the black market. It’s an operation that is making every criminal poacher in Kenya nervous as hell.

S 1 E 3

Black Gold

Aired on Nov 28, 2008

The team joins forces with a rag-tag group of park rangers who are trying to stop the destruction of Congo’s most critical national forest. Rebel crime units are cutting down the forest to manufacture charcoal and killing anyone who gets in their way. The park is the last holdout for rare mountain gorillas: and it’s fast disappearing. The team must show the rangers how to stop the illegal trade in its tracks, and do so while a rebel war rages around them.

S 1 E 4

Ghost Ship

Aired on Dec 05, 2008

Liberia has no navy or ability to patrol its waters. President Bush is visiting in two weeks and a ship has been acting strangely just off the coast near the U.S. embassy and the city of Monrovia. The Liberian government and the embassy want it gone. In this episode, the team is asked to investigate the ship and then take it down. As they start to run surveillance, the vessel moves several times and then disappears. The team expands its operations, and after a few misses, finally locate the ship’s hiding spot. Armed with a sound weapon and some deception tactics, they get the command to take it down.

S 1 E 5

Dark Zones

Aired on Dec 12, 2008

The team joins forces with a small conservancy unit in Kenya near the border of Ethiopia. Tribal wars are getting deadlier as weapons flood the region and the expansive desert dries up the last of the resources. In this region that time forgot, being able to intervene in a timely manner is critical. The team set up GPS panic buttons and provide the tactics needed to stop the tribal wars before they spin out of control

S 1 E 6

Gorilla War

Aired on Dec 19, 2008

Poachers are killing the rare Gorillas of Congo, and they are paying Rwanda’s genocidal maniacs to protect them while they practice their deadly trade. For the park rangers protecting the Gorillas, it’s all out war and they are heavily outnumbered. The team brings in special communications equipment that allows the rangers to track the Gorilla populations and call for help when they run into rebels. In Congo, this kind of equipment gives the edge to anyone who has it, and the team soon finds out that it is being targeted by “other” agencies. It’s a race against the clock to get the equipment into the hands of the park rangers and show them how to tactically hide it during combat operations, and keep it away from others who may be trying to steal it.

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