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 1 Killer Catch
S 1 E 1

Killer Catch

Aired on Jul 01, 2012

An elite team of American fishermen comes face to face with a deadly predator as they launch a bold, unprecedented mission to catch and tag 50 Great White sharks. Led by explorer Chris Fischer and accompanied by a world-class team of scientists, the crew of the Ocearch put it all on the line in a race to save the shark from extinction by decoding the global puzzle of shark movements and behaviors. They do what no one else dares, wrangling massive sharks by hand as they catch them and attach satellite tracking tags that return real-time location data every time the sharks surface.

 2 Bay of the Fighting Sharks
S 1 E 2

Bay of the Fighting Sharks

Aired on Jul 08, 2012

Day two of the expedition to hunt and tag 50 Great White sharks in 40 days: Chris Fischer and his crew are stalking and tagging the infamous great white “Fighters of Mossel Bay”, South Africa. An epic battle to successfully haul and tag a fierce 10 foot female Great White pushes the team to their limits, but the day is only half done.

 3 The Curse of Maya
S 1 E 3

The Curse of Maya

Aired on Jul 15, 2012

The search for a lost shark drives expedition leader Chris Fischer and the Ocearch crew on a dangerous rescue attempt into murky, shark-infested waters of Mossel Bay, South Africa. With time slipping through their hands and 47 Great Whites left to tag, Chris wrestles with the difficult choice to push on with the mission, or continue the search.

 4 Monster of Bird Island
S 1 E 4

Monster of Bird Island

Aired on Jul 22, 2012

Algoa Bay, South Africa: Tales of monster sharks and elusive Great Whites drive Expedition leader Chris Fischer and crew to the edge in their bid to tag 50 sharks in 40 days. Bad weather and a six-day marathon of fishing test science and fisherman alike until tensions between two crew members threaten to blow the whole mission apart. And, hanging over all is the question, “Where is the legendary Monster of Bird Island?”

 5 Line of Fire
S 1 E 5

Line of Fire

Aired on Jul 29, 2012

To break a nine-day fishing drought, the crew returns to proven shark territory, but nothing goes as planned. In a wicked storm, the ship s anchor cable snaps and whips across the deck with deadly force, catching one crewman in the crossfire.

 6 Shark Alley
S 1 E 6

Shark Alley

Aired on Aug 05, 2012

Chris Fischer and crew head to a bay that s a known hotspot for sharks as big as pick-up trucks. Facing a time limit, the men fish around the clock–risking life and limb to catch huge sharks in the dead of night.

 7 Friday the 13th
S 1 E 7

Friday the 13th

Aired on Aug 12, 2012

Brett is forced to dive into shark infested waters to correct another crew member s mistake. A grueling 48 hour fishing marathon bruises a battered crew but they catch a big reward–monster Great Whites.

 8 Bay of the Giants
S 1 E 8

Bay of the Giants

Aired on Aug 19, 2012

The crew comes face to face with the 15-foot great whites of False Bay. The giant sharks cause mayhem on deck and push the men to their breaking point.

 9 Redemption
S 1 E 9


Aired on Aug 26, 2012

With the mission goal in reach, the crew of the Ocearch prepares to tag the biggest, baddest Great Whites to date, but tragedy puts the entire expedition in doubt.

 10 Never Give Up
S 1 E 10

Never Give Up

Aired on Sep 02, 2012

In the final hours of the biggest great white expedition ever attempted, a pod of killer whales and a streak of bad luck force Chris to make a “Hail Mary” pass to get sharks on the line in untested waters.

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