Nondumiso Tembe as Na'omi Ajimuda, SIX

Na'omi Ajimuda Played by Nondumiso Tembe

Fiery, proud, and stubbornly resilient, Na’omi has eschewed the safety and certainty of a privileged, middle-class existence in big-city Lagos to be a schoolteacher in the Nigerian countryside. Educated in London and fiercely protective of her students, Na’omi is an idealist who holds progressive views that challenge the status quo, which can put her in precarious positions. Upon meeting Rip, Na’omi believes he represents everything that is wrong with the world.

But when they are kidnapped by Boko Haram, Na’omi and Rip must look past their preconceptions and work together to save Na’omi’s students, each of them giving the other strength, and forming a deep bond in the face of uncertainty and violence.