The New Age of Terror

The New Age of Terror

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September 12th, 2001 was the first day of a new era in human history: the Age of Terror. The 9/11 attacks catapulted America to the front lines of a battle without rules or conventional tactics, where victory depended on decoding the DNA of an entirely new kind of warfare. After fifteen years and thousands of lives lost, the world has been transformed by the conflict against terrorism, as nations across the globe struggle to meet the deadly and rising threat. Are we trapped in a war without end? Age of Terror seeks to answer the question by probing the historical roots of the conflict to uncover how today's terrorism has evolved and how we've fought back. This two-night event begins with 9/11, as America wakes up to the most devastating assault ever to strike our soil. Through the lens of the attacks, we'll reveal the history of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, it's origins, motives, tactics, and ultimate decline that leads to the rise of ISIS - a group that harnesses technology and media to spread its propaganda like never before and seeks territory to build its Caliphate. Night two looks at the way we live now and the rise of the lone wolf - often homegrown terrorists who manifest their hatred for western values through undetectable, random strikes against civilians, from Boston to San Bernadino to Nice. We conclude with a look at counter-terrorism and how the world is rising to meet the threat as it adapts, as well as what may be on the horizon in the defining conflict of the 21st century.

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