Marcus Capone


Years in Military: 13

Military Training: Navy SEAL Team 6, breacher, advanced explosives, combatives, personal security, expert pistol and rifle, close quarters combat, military free fall, defensive driving, lead climber, combat diver.

Marcus is a business executive and former Navy SEAL with 13 years of combat experience, seven deployments, and five decorations for valorous actions in combat including two Bronze Stars with Valor, two Joint Commendations with Valor, and one Navy Commendation with Valor. He finished at the top of his training class during his selection.

Marcus began his military career in BUD/S class 236 in Coronado, CA and commissioned SEAL Team 10, in Virginia Beach, VA, where he was part of the task unit that the Lone Survivor book and movie was written about. During his time at Team 10, he conducted direct action, reconnaissance/surveillance, and intelligence gathering combat- missions with US Army Special Forces and NATO units in Afghanistan, Europe and South America. He was the platoons lead explosives expert, as well as the primary air operations department leader.

After two combat deployments at SEAL Team 10, Marcus was selected for the SEAL Team’s Tier 1 unit, SEAL Team 6, the Community’s most highly-regarded SEAL team. Each member is the best of the already proven SEAL operators. He managed a critical national response capability to deploy globally, on short notice, to conduct elite counter terrorism operations, and he served as the primary lead explosives expert of the team. Marcus led and supervised training trips to urban areas worldwide; and conducted advisory and assistance to the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, as well as state and local law enforcement. He voluntarily left this command with the highest endorsements of the commanding officer, in order to pursue his Master’s degree with a goal to transition to the civilian environment.

Marcus spent his last tour of duty at the Naval Special Warfare Center (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training), in Coronado, CA. Here he was a Chief Petty Officer, a First Phase instructor, and SEAL Qualification Instructor. The Naval Special Warfare Center is the U.S. Navy’s training center for both the initial and follow-on training of Navy SEALs. Marcus was responsible for the supervision of a staff of 10 instructors and over 60-student SEAL candidates every 4 weeks. He selected and trained over 800 SEAL candidates during a rigorous selection process, and organized and executed curriculum, instruction, logistics, and risk management for over 2000 high risk operations. Marcus was the senior instructor for the daily training that included close quarters combat, combat pistol and rifle shooting, physical training, and various other SEAL-related activities.

“I never thought about quitting. I always thought of BUD/S as another speed bump to get to my ultimate goal, earning the Trident and becoming a US Navy SEAL. After reading all the stories from Vietnam, becoming a SEAL was almost like a fantasy, it was mythical, because I never met one. Going to BUD/S was reality, it truly sucked. I never wanted to be average (and still don’t), and I thought that SEALS were the most un-average.”