Tyler Grey


Birthplace: Bakersfield, CA

Military Training: Ranger, Sniper, CQB, Small Arms, HALO, Trauma Medicine

Years in Military: 9

Grey, who grew up in Bakersfield, California, joined the Army in 1998 and quickly advanced from training into the 75th Ranger Regiment, 2nd Battalion spending most of his time there as a Sniper. He spent the rest of his career at Ft. Bragg. Grey deployed four times–two each to Afghanistan and Iraq–before he became 100 percent disabled from an explosion that occurred during a late-night house raid and gun-battle in Baghdad in 2005.

“I was blown up on a nighttime raid in Sadr City, Baghdad, in 2005. At first I thought I had lost my arm; it suddenly felt … not there. Once I got outside, I looked at it. From several inches above my wrist to my shoulder it looked like hamburger meat. Plus, I saw I had an arterial bleed–and that’s not good. Based on the damage, I was pretty sure that it would be cut off once I got to the Medical Cache. Shockingly, I accepted that at the time. No going back now, I remember briefly thinking about a cyber arm and then the 80s movie Robocop. That movie was kind of cool; a cyber arm may be sweet.”

Tyler is interested in this show for one reason: To push people to the breaking point and beyond. He believes that it is only once we have been broken that we rebuild back even stronger. Bending is not enough; we must be completely destroyed. Tyler is a strange combination of contradictions; at the same time ruthless and unsettling while also comedically commentating. In other words; the worse the situation the more humor he finds in it.

“The moral of the story is simple: DFQ! Don’t F****** Quit! 100% effort, 100% of the time, anything less than that is quitting whether you admit it or not.”