About the Show

ToyMakerz is driven by the life & creations of the series’ star, David Ankin. The show follows his team of custom motor vehicle fabricators that do one-off custom builds & OEM enhancements. Ankin is a former stunt man, motorcycle racer, fabricator & customizer, that designs the vehicles, leads the fabrication and builds, and drives the vehicles to the extreme. The show incorporates nationally known experts, outside contributors, & celebrity guests. The company is co-owned by David Ankin and his business partner, David Young, and they create one-of-a-kind racing creations that Ankin visualizes and builds. ToyMakerz is produced by Lucky13Cinematic. For more information about ToyMakerz, visit the site at www.toymakerz.com and follow David Ankin on Instagram @realDavidAnkin.

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