The Monuments


In America, behind the public facade of nine of our most famed institutions and landmark structures, there is another world that is hidden from view. The special pierces the veil of secrecy which conceals forbidden histories and fascinating insider information from the public. Go behind the walls of the Washington Monument to reveal a series of secret symbols and codes, one which was put there by one of the world’s most mysterious societies. Dig deep into the dark past of Governor’s Island and unearth another possible motive for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. While in the heart of America, the Book of Secrets will uncover the shadowy past of the architect behind the St. Louis Gateway Arch and show how it relates to a theory that the Arch contains mystical powers which ultimately control the weather. Through exclusive channels of access and deep research, viewers will be taken behind the locked doors of seemingly familiar places, into worlds they weren’t intended to see.

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