The Secret History Of Air Force One


It’s the most protected, most storied, and most recognizable airplane in the world. It goes by a variety of names, some prosaic (Special Air Mission 28000), some more poetic (“Angel”). Whatever it’s called, AIR FORCE ONE is a powerful symbol of American might, leadership, and technological achievement. The plane is one of the most privileged and classified locations in America. Only a select few will ever be allowed inside. Welcome aboard.

THE SECRET HISTORY OF AIR FORCE ONE will feature rare and exclusive interior and exterior footage of this incredible flying machine, in addition to gripping archive and fascinating insider interviews. From Teddy Roosevelt’s first presidential flight in a Wright Brothers Era biplane to today’s highly customized Boeing 747-200B, this one hour special brings our audience inside Air Force One, and illuminates the hidden history of presidential flight as never before.

This one-hour special utilizes exclusive footage to bring audiences inside Air Force One like never before. Gripping archives paired with insider interviews will illuminate the hidden history of presidential flight and unveil the incredible history of America’s most famous plane.

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