Tag: UFOs

When UFOs Buzzed the White House and the Air Force Blamed the Weather
The First Alien-Abduction Account Described a Medical Exam with a Crude Pregnancy Test
This Scoutmaster Had a Run-in with a UFO. The Kids Saw it Too.
Why Mysterious Green Fireballs Worried the U.S. Government in 1948
Mysterious UFOs Seen by WWII Airman Still Unexplained
Two Pilots Saw a UFO. Why Did the Air Force Destroy the Report?
The Unsolved Mystery of the Lubbock Lights UFO Sightings
In 1952, the Flatwoods Monster Terrified 6 Kids, a Mom, a Dog—and the Nation
The UFO Sightings That Launched 'Men in Black' Mythology
When a U.S. Fighter Pilot Got into a Dogfight with a UFO

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