Tour Oklahoma's Marland Estate

(3m 54s) tv-pg

Steel and oil tycoon, E.W Marlans spent over five millions dollars building and decorating a house that he only lived in for thirty days in Ponca, Oklahoma. After making his first fortune in steel in Pennsylvania, Marland moved to Oklahoma in pursuit of oil. Settling in Ponca, Oklahoma, Marland spent 3 million building his home and another two and a half decorating it. Marland and his wife Mary Virginia, adopted two children, Lyde and George. Marland later annulled Lyde's adoption, in order to marry her. Marland was forced out of his own company, for being too frivolous with money and after living in his home for only thirty days, he moved out. Marland lived in the artists quarters and the chauffeurs house, but never moved back into the main house. Despite being fired from his own company, Marland went into politics where he became Governor of Oklahoma and a member of Congress. In 1941, the house sold for only sixty six thousand dollars, a mere fraction of what it cost to build.

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