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  • SEASON 3 12 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 15 episodes available
  • SEASON 1 11 episodes available

Full Episodes

S 3 E 11

Day 87

Aired on Feb 09, 2017
The remaining participants, short on food, risk death in their attempt to triumph. Only one survivalist will be able to endure the wilds of Patagonia and take home the $500,000 prize.
S 3 E 11

Season 3 Reunion Special

Aired on Feb 09, 2017

After the longest test of endurance in series history, the participants of Alone’s third season reunite to discuss their experiences, genius creations, and reveal never before seen footage.

S 3 E 10

The Point of No Return

Aired on Feb 02, 2017
The remaining survivalists push themselves to their physical limits as fish becomes scarce. But one participant takes it too far, reaching the breaking point and risking organ failure.
S 3 E 9

Of Feast & Famine

Aired on Jan 26, 2017
Winter arrives in full force, and the remaining survivors must deal with rapidly deteriorating conditions. The lack of protein pushes some to new levels of depletion, and the pull to see family is more than some can bear.
S 3 E 7

Hungry Beasts

Aired on Jan 19, 2017
As winter draws nearer, and fish stop biting, the participants turn to land game to survive the season. But their intended prey turns out to be more clever--and more deadly--than they could imagine.
S 3 E 6

Along Came a Spider

Aired on Jan 12, 2017

Dangerous challenges wreak havoc on the participants and force most to consider going home. While one is plagued by a potentially life-threatening infection, another battles against serious hypothermia.

S 3 E 5

The Lone Wolf

Aired on Jan 05, 2017
The remaining participants struggle to adapt to life in Patagonia. One survivor comes face to face with a stealth cat, and another takes on a major build project. As the days go by, one participant tries a novel strategy to outlast everyone else.
S 3 E 4


Aired on Dec 29, 2016
A lack of food forces the remaining participants to get creative. One survivalist devises an ingenious method for getting protein while another battles Patagonia's wiliest predator.
S 3 E 3

Eternal Darkness

Aired on Dec 22, 2016
The remaining participants dig in for the long haul as they begin building their shelters. While some flourish, others fail and one is threatened by an unwanted visitor in the night.
S 3 E 2

First Blood

Aired on Dec 15, 2016
As they venture deeper into their surroundings, the nine remaining survivalists realize that this terrain is unlike anything they've ever experienced. One participant suffers a serious injury.
S 3 E 1

A New Land

Aired on Dec 08, 2016
The adventure begins as ten new participants are abandoned in the remote wilderness of Patagonia to live as long as they possibly can. Faced with the unforgiving terrain of a foreign land and the onset of winter, each must act quickly to adapt to their new environment in order to survive.
S 3 E 0

Making The Cut: Season 3

Aired on Dec 08, 2016
Meet the ten brave participants on ALONE Season 3 and learn about the extreme new location at the edge of the world.
  • Survival Hacks: Duct Tape

  • Survival Hacks: Socks

  • Survival Hacks: Ways to Tie Knots

  • Meet Britt

  • Meet Carleigh

  • Meet Fowler

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