Rollo Played by Clive Standen

Rollo, Ragnar’s brother, is impulsive, wild, care-free and compulsive. Rollo is a fierce fighter who is often overshadowed by his brother.  The relationship between Rollo and Ragnar is intense and always unpredictable. Ragnar can never be certain of his brother’s loyalty, but is always grateful to receive it, for Rollo is a formidable warrior.


Clive Standen
Actor Clive Standen is best known for his portrayal of Sir Gawain in the Starz original series Camelot alongside Joseph Fiennes and Eva Green, and for his starring role in the BBC America series Robin Hood. He previously appeared in the award-winning sci-fi BBC series Doctor Who and the drama Operation Barras. On the silver screen, Standen recently starred in Vertigo Films’ Hammer of the Gods.