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CATEGORY: U.S. Presidents
9 Famous Presidential Retreats
June 2, 2017

Commanders in chief seeking refuge from Washington politics and weather have retreated to destinations across the U.S. map, from the Jersey Shore to Southern California. Read More

9 Presidential Pets
December 14, 2016

Find out more about America’s presidents and their pets, including the chief executive who gave his pooches such colorful names as Sweet Lips and Madame Moose; the president who was accused of mistakenly leaving his pup behind on a remote island then sending a warship for him; and the commander in chief who took his pet raccoon for walks around the White House. Read More

7 Famous Presidential Pardons
July 23, 2013

The pardon is one of the most controversial presidential powers, but in some instances it has helped ease tensions, heal political wounds and even right historic wrongs Read More