Pitcher Don Larson of the New York Yankees delivers the first pitch to Jim Gilliam of the Brooklyn Dodgers as catcher Yogi Berra and umpire Babe Pinelli look on during Game 5 of the 1956 World Series on October 8, 1956 at Yankee Stadium. Larson would go on to pitch a perfect game against the Dodgers. (Photo by Stanley Weston/Getty Images)

7 of the Most Memorable World Series in Baseball History

Major League Baseball history is filled with memorable World Series, from the first in 1903 to the 21st century. The New York Yankees, who have won more titles (27) than any other big-league team, have played in many World Series that have captured the imaginations of sports fans more

How Inca Mummies Ruled in the Afterlife

How Inca Mummies Ruled Over the Living

The Inca civilization, like other ancient Andean groups, practiced artificial mummification as a way of honoring their ancestors and preserving the connection between present and past. The most important Inca mummies, including those of their emperors, were treated as more

Before America Had Witch Trials, Europe Had Werewolf Trials

Before America Had Witch Trials, Europe Had Werewolf Trials

Some 200 years before the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, courts in Europe were convicting men—and some women—of transforming into werewolves and mutilating and eating children. The punishments were sometimes as gruesome as the alleged crimes. In Germany in 1589, more