When Barbara Jordan Defended the American System of Checks and Balances

How Barbara Jordan's 1974 Speech Marked a Turning Point in the Watergate Scandal

In a perfect storm of unlikely circumstances, Barbara Jordan, a junior congresswoman from Houston, Texas, who grew up in segregation, landed a primetime spot to deliver an opening statement on July 25, 1974, during President Richard Nixon’s impeachment hearings. Jordan's speech more

Why Organized Labor Declined in the 1920s

Why Labor Unions Declined in the 1920s

Why were the 1920s such a tough time for America’s labor unions? Call it a backlash against their growing strength. After expanding power during the Progressive Era in the first two decades of the 20th century, organized labor strengthened further during World War I. The U.S. more

Mowing his well kept lawn on Hill Street is Jesse Madina who has lived in the house for 6 years.

How the Perfect Lawn Became a Symbol of the American Dream

With the rise of suburbia in post-WWII America, the perfect lawn became a potent symbol of the American dream. Whether a sprawling sweep of green mowed in crisp diagonal bands or a more modest swatch of grass and clover, a lawn expressed the national ideal that, with hard work, more