Scientists Make Biggest Breakthrough in Quest to Find Life Beyond Earth
February 23, 2017

Scientists have discovered a new solar system, consisting of seven warm, rocky planets orbiting the dwarf star Trappist-1, just 39 light years from Earth. Read More

Andrew Carnegie’s Surprising Legacy
February 23, 2017

Before his death in 1919, steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie helped fund the creation of some 2,800 libraries across the world Read More

World War II’s Bizarre “Battle of Los Angeles”
February 23, 2017

On February 25, 1942, an infamous false alarm saw American military units unleash a torrent of anti-aircraft fire in the skies over Los Angeles. Read More

Did Salmonella Kill Off the Aztecs?
February 22, 2017

New DNA research suggests a deadly form of salmonella may have been behind the collapse of the Aztec civilization. Read More

Scientists Say They Could Bring Back Woolly Mammoths Within Two Years
February 17, 2017

A team of scientists working on the “de-extinction” of the woolly mammoth say they are on the brink of resurrecting the prehistoric species, in a revised form. Read More

Mildred and Richard: The Love Story that Changed America
February 17, 2017

Find out how a couple in love brought forward the landmark case, Loving v. Virginia, which forever changed the color of marriage in the United States. Read More

That Time Winston Churchill Wrote About Aliens
February 16, 2017

How did Winston Churchill distract himself from the impending threat of Nazi Germany in 1939? According to a recently-discovered essay, he wrote about extraterrestrials. Read More

History Faceoff: Who Was the Greatest President—Washington or Lincoln?
February 15, 2017

As Presidents' Day approaches, two preeminent historians join the enduring debate about whether George Washington or Abraham Lincoln was America’s greatest president. Read More

HISTORY Vault: The Cold War
February 15, 2017

Bundle up and examine the rivalry that brought the world’s superpowers to the brink of disaster in this week’s featured collection, The Cold War. Read More

Viking Boat Burial Reveals its Secrets
February 15, 2017

Six years after discovering and excavating the first Viking boat burial site discovered on the UK mainland, archaeologists have provided a glimpse into some of the mysteries this rare burial reveals. Read More