HISTORY Vault: Ancient Discoveries
March 24, 2017

In this week’s featured collection, Ancient Discoveries, find out how ancient knowledge influenced modern military tech. Read More

Letters May Prove George III “Madness” Theory
March 24, 2017

A computer analysis of the British monarch's writing supports the long-held belief that he suffered from a mental illness. Read More

Hoover Home Movies Offer Unique Peek of the White House
March 24, 2017

The recently released reels may be the earliest color film ever taken of the building. Read More

The Daring Photographer Who Captured Life Inside a Nazi Ghetto
March 24, 2017

Wielding his camera like a weapon of truth, Henryk Ross risked his life to take thousands of secret photographs that offer a rare glimpse at daily life inside a Nazi ghetto. Read More

JFK Diary Reveals Rarely Seen Side
March 24, 2017

John F. Kennedy’s only known diary is up for auction, giving the world a glimpse into the mind of a 28-year-old Kennedy. Read More

The Extraordinary Secret Life of Dr. James Barry
March 24, 2017

How—and why—did a groundbreaking physician pass as the opposite sex for more than 50 years? Read More

Do We Have to Rewrite the Dinosaur Family Tree?
March 23, 2017

A new study radically reconstructs the dinosaur family tree, with major implications for how we understand their origins and evolution. Read More

The 19th-Century Black Sports Superstar You’ve Never Heard Of
March 23, 2017

Boxer Bill Richmond’s improbable rise from slavery to superstardom came almost a century before Jack Johnson even picked up a pair of gloves. Read More

Dwight Eisenhower’s Shocking—and Prescient—Military Warning
March 22, 2017

What would one of America's war hero presidents have to say about the newly proposed Pentagon budget? Read More

America’s Richest (and Poorest) Presidents
March 21, 2017

Donald Trump's net worth may have dipped, but he's still, by far, the richest president in American history. Who else makes the list? Read More