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Steffi Graf during her Grand Slam run in 1988. (Credit: PL Gould/IMAGES/Getty Images)

Tennis’ Elusive Grand Slam

At Wimbledon, Serena Williams is pursuing her third straight major title on the way to a possible Grand Slam—a feat very few players in history have achieved.

Nicholas Winton receiving the Czech Order of the White Lion on October 28, 2014. (Credit: Michal Ruzicka/isifa/Getty Images)

Nicholas Winton, “Britain’s Schindler,” Dies at 106

On the eve of World War II, a British stockbroker saved the lives of more than 650 children trapped in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia.

george steinbrenner

8 Famous Figures Born on the Fourth of July

Learn about eight real-life Yankee Doodle Dandies who share a July 4th birthday with the United States.

us canada border

7 Times the U.S.-Canada Border Wasn’t So Peaceful

The U.S.-Canada border wasn’t always so peaceful. On Canada Day, look back at seven times when the United States clashed violently with its northern neighbor.

Debris rests on what used to be the bottom of the Almaden Reservoir in San Jose, California. (Credit: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images)

7 Withering Droughts

As Californians endure their fourth straight year of exceptionally low rainfall, take a look back at some of history’s other notorious droughts.

leap second

A Very Short History of the Leap Second

For the 26th time since 1972, a leap second will be added to the clock to compensate for the Earth’s slowing rotation. But will it be history’s last?

An artist’s rendition of the Potemkin uprising (Credit: Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

Mutiny on the Battleship Potemkin, 110 Years Ago

On the 110th anniversary of the mutiny aboard the battleship Potemkin, take a look back at the uprising that helped inspire the Russian Revolution.

john glenn

10 Famous Korean War Veterans

On the 65th anniversary of the start of the Korean War, learn about 10 notables who served in the conflict.

swedish mummy

Baby Found Hidden in Coffin of Mummified Swedish Bishop

A CT scan has revealed the tiny body of a premature baby tucked under the feet of a Lutheran bishop’s 336-year-old mummified remains.

stand watie

Who was Stand Watie?

One hundred fifty years ago, the controversial Native American chief Stand Watie—the last remaining Confederate general in the field during the Civil War—surrendered his army.

10 dollar bill

Woman To Be Featured on Newly Redesigned $10 Bill, Treasury Announces

Last week, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced plans for a redesign of the $10 bill, marking the first time in more than a century that a woman will be featured on a U.S. bill.

Replica of the famous sign that once stood near the Checkpoint.

8 Things You Should Know About Checkpoint Charlie

Twenty-five years after its closing, explore eight facts about the Berlin border crossing that served as an iconic symbol of the Cold War.


Remembering the Battle of Okinawa, 70 Years Ago

The nearly three-month battle for Okinawa that ended on June 22, 1945 was the last—and the bloodiest—clash between Japanese and U.S. forces in the Pacific during World War II.