AUTHOR: Stephanie Butler
More Than Chicken Soup: Food Remedies
June 17, 2015

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Symbolic Foods Of Chinese New Year
June 17, 2015

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From Prune Whip to PB&J: The Evolution of Kid’s Menus
February 6, 2015

The arrival of kid's menus on the restaurant scene represented a new era both in dining, and in American attitudes towards children. Read More

Nigiri to California Rolls: Sushi in America
December 12, 2014

Although sushi in some form has been part of Japanese culture for well over a thousand years, it didn’t make it to American shores until 1966. Read More

Dirigible Dining: Food on the Hindenburg
December 5, 2014

During its brief time in service, the transatlantic aircraft carried hundreds of passengers in comfort and style. Read More

Lights, Camera, Action: The First TV Chefs
November 7, 2014

Long before Emeril Lagasse and even Julia Child, folks were learning the ins and outs of cuisine from their televisions. Read More

A Rare History of the Steakhouse
October 24, 2014

This week we’ll take a look at an American institution that traces it roots back to 19th century New York Read More

America’s State Foods
October 17, 2014

Did you know that New York has a state muffin and that Jell-O is the state snack of Utah? Read More

Cosmic Cuisine: The Evolution of Space Food
October 3, 2014

What did astronauts eat on their celestial voyages? From dehydrated spaghetti to bacon cubes, the answers might surprise you. Read More

Sky-High Sourdough: Expensive Vittles in Gold Rush Fields
September 19, 2014

Why did the discovery of gold in California lead to a dramatic rate of inflation in the cost of food itself? Read More