Eustace Conway

Deep in North Carolina’s majestic Blue Ridge Mountains lives the legendary mountain man Eustace Conway. At the age of 16, Eustace attended a Native American ceremony where spirits told him his destiny lay in the forests. Eustace would go on to acquire a few square miles of wild land and build a place where he and others could live self-sufficiently using ancient survival methods. He calls this sanctuary “Turtle Island,” and there he faces a relentless series of challenges to his lifestyle and threats to his survival. Eustace must contend on a regular basis with poachers, scavengers, illness, bad weather and the countless other struggles inherent to the life of a mountain man. Most importantly, he must repay a loan that he took out to pay off a lien which was threatening his ownership of Turtle Island. A new year finds Eustace, as always, meeting a myriad of challenges with the courage and commitment to the mountain man lifestyle that led him to establish Turtle Island in the first place.