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VIDEO: Vikings: New Season, New Podcast - Just in time for Season 5, host Liam Geraghty is taking you back to Kattegat, with a new podcast episode each week leading up to the premiere of Vikings Season 5 on November 29th at 9/8c.

HISTORY's Vikings Podcast is back, and host Liam Geraghty is taking you inside the world of the hit show. Featuring interviews with the cast, crew, and creators, and original stories from behind-the-scenes, HISTORY's Vikings Podcast will take you through the epic journey that goes into making the epic show, and get you ready for the premiere of Season 5 on Wednesday, November 29th at 9/8c.


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Spoiler alert! Make sure to watch each episode before listening to the podcast.

Origin and Creation

In the first episode leading up to the premiere of Vikings Season 5, host Liam Geraghty sits down with Vikings creator Michael Hirst to talk about where the idea for Vikings came from, and how it came to be a reality. Also, Liam hangs out with the Vikings Extras, who talk about bird suits, sword play, and whether Viking pants have flies.
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Gritty, Dirty, Interesting

Liam hears from creator Michael Hirst, Producer Morgan O'Sullivan, and Director Johan Renck, who directed the first three episodes of the series. Together, they set the tone for how the world of Vikings would look, sound, and feel, right from the very beginning. Everything from the way characters speak to the bushiness of their eyebrows painted a picture that would endure throughout the series. Also, Liam steps into the world of Production Artist, Dave Wilson, whose work creates the visual look that eventually ends up on screen.
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HISTORY's Vikings Podcast

Host Liam Geraghty will take you inside the world of Vikings, with new episodes every week leading up to the Season 5 premiere. Subscribe to get every new episode, and follow Liam on Twitter @Liam_Geraghty.

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