Thanks for listening to our 100th episode of HISTORY This Week. If you've listened closely, you should be able to answer these questions that Ken Jennings was asked on Jeopardy! The answers can all be found in past episodes of History This Week.

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Pursuing Trivia With Ken Jennings

December 15, 1979. Two Canadian journalists are hanging out, drinking a beer, when they come up with an idea for a new game to test random knowledge – Trivial Pursuit. But this is far from the first time trivia has been gamified, and to explore the history behind these quizzing contests, we turned to the expert: Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings. What are the origins of trivia? And what is it about recalling trivial facts that keeps people coming back for more?

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Jeopardy! Questions and HTW Answers

A Montgolfier is a Louis XVI chair with a back often shaped like one of these.

ANSWER: What is a balloon?

Jennings: Didn't know

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When giving your pennies to Unicef on Halloween, hold one back for this “guy” 5 days later (if you're British…).

ANSWER:Who is Guy Fawkes?

Jennings: Correct

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This Braves slugger hit 375 of his 755 career home runs in the 1960s.

ANSWER:Who is Hank Aaron?

Jennings: Correct

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It's said Nero did this “while Rome burned” in 64 AD.

ANSWER: What is fiddled?

Jennings: Correct

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On March 3, 1934 this Public Enemy escaped from Lake County Jail in Crown Point, Ind., allegedly using a wooden gun.

ANSWER:Who is John Dillinger?

Jennings: Correct

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After Antietam, Lee withdrew into Virginia & whupped Burnside at this Dec. 13, 1862 battle.

ANSWER: What is the Battle of Fredericksburg?

Jennings: Didn't know

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