Moon Landing: The Lost Tapes

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American Pickers

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Eat Like A Strongman

Find out How to Eat and Work out Like a Modern-Day Hercules Read Now

Ancient Aliens: The Mayans

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Quicken Loans® and HISTORY Honor Shane Groen and Shantae Smith

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Pawn Stars

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UFOs: Dangerous Encounters Exposed

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Forged in Fire

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This Is History

Cold War

The Spy Who Kept the Cold War From Boiling Over

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Founding Fathers

Why Was the Electoral College Created?

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New York

Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge Took 14 Years—And Multiple Lives

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U.S. Presidents

George Washington's Final Years—And Sudden, Agonizing Death

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Space Race

The Soviet Response to the Moon Landing? Denial There Was a Moon Race at All

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The U.S. Deported a Million of Its Own Citizens to Mexico During the Great Depression

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