The Butcher

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Forged in Fire

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The Curse of Civil War Gold

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American Pickers

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Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation

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Pawn Stars

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Swamp People

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The American Farm

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This Is History

Space Exploration

When Apollo 10 Nearly Crashed Into the Moon

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September 11

How 9/11 Became the Deadliest Day in History for U.S. Firefighters

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Exclusive Videos

HISTORY Shorts with David McCullough

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Are UFOs a Threat to National Security? This Ex-U.S. Official Thinks They Warrant Investigation

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World War II

How a Sentimental Yiddish Song Became a Worldwide Hit—and a Nazi Target

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World War II

One of the Last Navajo Code Talkers, Whose Native Tongue Stumped WWII Enemies, Has Died

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