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CATEGORY: Ancient China
Greeks May Have Influenced China’s Terra Cotta Army
October 17, 2016

Archaeologists working on the famed Terra Cotta Army in China now believe their lifelike appearance could have been modeled on ancient Greek sculptures. Read More

Giant Ape Went Extinct Rather Than Adapt its Diet
January 7, 2016

The mysterious ape Gigantopithecus, which roamed Earth some 100,000 years ago, went extinct after climate change made its preferred diet of forest fruit unsustainable. Read More

Ancient Chinese Teeth Challenge Human Migration Timeline
October 16, 2015

A set of 47 fossilized teeth discovered in a Chinese cave suggests modern humans migrated from Africa at least 20,000 years earlier than previously thought. Read More

Golden Ornaments Decorate Tomb of Ming Dynasty Duchess
May 14, 2015

A five-century-old tomb found underneath a construction site in Nanjing, China, was the final resting place of a Ming Dynasty duchess. Read More

China’s First Kingdom Likely Fell Victim to Rapid Desert Formation
January 6, 2015

New research suggests that China’s first known kingdom may have been destroyed when its lands transformed rapidly into desert more than 4,000 years ago. Read More

5 Things You May Not Know About the Terra Cotta Army
March 28, 2014

On March 29, 1974, Chinese farmers digging a well near Xi’an made one of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. Read More

Pompeii-like Eruptions Killed Animals in Ancient China
February 5, 2014

Scientists think animals buried in a 120 million-year-old Chinese graveyard were killed instantly by volcanic eruptions similar to the one that destroyed Pompeii. Read More

Ancients First Ate Palms, Not Rice
May 20, 2013

A new study shows that agriculture may have emerged in southern China much earlier than previously thought. Read More

5 Chinese Leaders You Should Know
March 18, 2013

Take a look backward at five Chinese leaders who helped shape the most populous nation on Earth. Read More

Fireworks’ Vibrant History
July 1, 2011

Find out about the history of fireworks, which will light up the skies across America this Independence Day. Read More