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6 Famous Wild Children from History
February 3, 2015

From a wild boy kept as a pet in King George’s court to an Indian who was supposedly raised by wolves, learn the puzzling and often tragic stories of six famous feral children Read More

6 Famous Places that Never Existed
June 9, 2014

From a fabled Christian empire in Asia to a supposed lost kingdom in Canada, find out more about six of the most influential lands that never were. Read More

6 Mythical Monsters
February 18, 2014

From birds of prey with fearsome strength to rooster-snake hybrids capable of killing with their eyes, find out more about six legendary beasts from history. Read More

6 Historical Figures Who May or May Not Have Existed
July 30, 2013

From Britain’s most beloved outlaw to the founder of Sparta, find out more about six historical figures whose existence remains up for debate. Read More

7 Historical Figures Famous for Something They Never Did
October 2, 2012

Find out the truth about seven people who’ve become forever linked with something they never did. Read More