Forged in Fire Season 5 Curated List

Anthropomorphic Sword Kill Tests
2m 58s tv-pg
The Dreaded Antler Chop Test
4m 11s tv-pg
First Ever Dual Strength Tests
3m 55s tv-pg
The Kilij Kill Test
4m 45s tv-pg
The Sengese Tests
3m 8s tv-pg
Serrated Knife Tests
4m 59s tv-pg
Railroad Spike Knife Tests
4m 50s tv-pg
Arming Sword Strength Test
2m 44s tv-pg
The Sawback Hunting Sword Tests
3m 40s tv-pg
The Glaive Guisarme Tests
4m 59s tv-pg
Pioneer Sword Tests
4m 57s tv-pg
Small Sword Tests
4m 53s tv-pg
Bicycle-Damascus Blades Tested
5m 0s tv-pg
Ring Blades Tested
4m 26s tv-pg
Rigorous Friction Folder Tests
4m 58s tv-pg
The KA-BAR Fighting Knife Tests
3m 29s tv-pg
Multitool Knife Tests
4m 5s tv-pg
Bolt Chop Blade Tests
4m 58s tv-pg
Bagh Nakh Blade Tests
4m 50s tv-pg
Trench Knife Tests
4m 53s tv-pg
Blades from Cannon Scrap Metal
4m 50s tv-pg
Knives Break in Strength Test
3m 56s tv-pg
Coconut Chop and Sharpness Tests
4m 57s tv-pg
Master and Apprentice Team Up
4m 40s tv-pg
The Kelewang Tests
4m 8s tv-pg
Chinese Dao Tests
4m 50s tv-pg
The San Mai Challenge
4m 58s tv-pg
The Kabyle Flyssa Will Kill
4m 32s tv-pg
The Bulletproof Blade Tests
5m 1s tv-pg
Combat Knives Tested
4m 58s tv-pg
Veterans Compete in Forging Knives
4m 57s tv-pg
Horseman's Axes Tested
4m 26s tv-pg
Motorcycle Blade Tests
4m 59s tv-pg
Forging Hatchets from Steel Shapes
4m 57s tv-pg
Spring Steel Challenge
4m 59s tv-pg
The Lion Spear Tests
2m 41s tv-pg
Hatchets Tested
3m 14s tv-pg
Forging Blades with Motorcycle Parts
5m 0s tv-pg
Spring Steel Knives Tested
4m 58s tv-pg
Two Handed Blade Tests
4m 58s tv-pg
Steel Takedown Bow Home Follow Tour
2m 56s tv-pg
Pipe Tomahawks Home Forge Challenge
1m 59s tv-pg
Grim Reaper's Scythe Home Forge Challenge
2m 3s tv-pg
Tournament Finals Home Follow Tour
2m 27s tv-pg
Bardiche Home Follow Tour
2m 38s tv-pg
The German Halberd Tests
4m 14s tv-pg
The Scottish Dirk Tests
4m 49s tv-pg
The Scottish Dirk Challenge
4m 59s tv-pg
Coal-Forged Blade Tests
4m 45s tv-pg
The Navaja Tests
4m 32s tv-pg
The Coal Forge Challenge
4m 25s tv-pg
Tournament Round 4 Home Forge Challenge
2m 19s tv-pg
Tournament Round 3 Home Forge Challenge
2m 28s tv-pg
Jumonji Yari Tests
4m 31s tv-pg
The Ice Block Challenge
3m 48s tv-pg
European Daggers Tested
4m 46s tv-pg
Damascus Patterned Blades
4m 42s tv-pg
The Karabela Tests
3m 26s tv-pg
Forging Two Different Metals
4m 48s tv-pg
The Zande Spears Tested
4m 54s tv-pg
Tournament Round 2 Home Forge Challenge
2m 38s tv-pg
Forging Friction Folders
5m 0s tv-pg
Tournament Round 1 Home Forge Challenge
3m 59s tv-pg
Choppers Fall Prey to Blade Tests
4m 47s tv-pg
Deadly Sica Sword Tests
4m 55s tv-pg
Forging a Knife Out of a Pistol
4m 43s tv-pg
Landsknecht Sword Home Forge Challenge
2m 10s tv-pg
The Schiavona Tests
4m 52s tv-pg
Fitting Blade Handles and Lanyards
4m 58s tv-pg
Three Blades Tested
4m 52s tv-pg
Steel Crossbow Home Forge Challenge
2m 11s tv-pg
Rookie Qualifying Tests
4m 45s tv-pg
War Golok's Tested
4m 34s tv-pg
Chopper Blade Tests
4m 57s tv-pg
Bowie Knife Test
4m 55s tv-pg
Damascus Pattern Forge
1h 4m 57s tv-pg
The Rhomphaia Tests
4m 24s tv-pg
Hollywood Edition Home Forge Challenge
2m 55s tv-pg
Qinglong Ji Home Forge Challenge
2m 23s tv-pg
Sengese Home Forge Challenge
2m 16s tv-pg
Sawback Hunting Sword Home Forge Challenge
2m 38s tv-pg
Arming Sword Home Forge Challenge
2m 49s tv-pg
Kilij Home Forge Challenge
2m 7s tv-pg
Anthropomorphic Sword Home Forge Challenge
2m 26s tv-pg
Smallsword Home Forge Challenge
2m 50s tv-pg
Lion Spear Home Forge Challenge
2m 3s tv-pg
Top 7 Weapons
3m 24s tv-pg
Naval Cutlass Home Forge Challenge
2m 23s tv-pg
Bonus: Tour Jessica & Mark and Casey & Joe's Home Forges
2m 55s tv-pg
Bonus: Tour Frank and Tony's Home Forges
3m 7s tv-pg
Bonus: Tour Dwight and Billy Bob's Home Forges
2m 52s tv-pg

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