Alaska Off-Road Warriors

Alaska Off-Road Warriors

S 1 E 1

Blazing Trail

Nov 30, 2014 | 43m 10s | tv-14 l | CC

In the Wolf River Valley, five teams embark on on an off-road trek across the entire state of Alaska. Facing rivers, mountains, and overgrown mining roads, teams must work together to conquer the wild northern terrain. Alaska natives Butch and Bill are ready to beat the competition in their rig, the aptly named, “Warwagon”. Brother and sister team Pete and Shey bet on a slow-and-steady strategy while the Leigh brothers, Brent and Scott, rely on their tenacity to get them through. In Rover 1, Jason and Glen’s overconfidence may be their downfall while Rich and Carl, the only “lower 48’ers” in the group, find they might be outmatched by the rugged Alaskan outback.

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