Season 3 (16)

3 Seasons | 106 Episodes

Episode 16 The Big Fix
S 3 E 16

The Big Fix

Aired on Jan 16, 2020

Mike and his crew of experts attempt to pull off impossible restorations no others would attempt. Picking this fun should be illegal.

Episode 15 Picks of the Sea
S 3 E 15

Picks of the Sea

Aired on Jan 26, 2020

Mike and Frank dive into a treasure hunt of picks from the sea. Dani goes after a gem from the Amazon and Robbie haggles for nautical gold with the Captain of a tugboat.

Episode 14 Beg Borrow Pick
S 3 E 14

Beg Borrow Pick

Aired on Jan 09, 2020

Mike makes a perfect trade, scoring a motor for his 1911 Indian. He and Frank have a ball, trading and swapping their way across the country.

Episode 13 Big Dollar Days
S 3 E 13

Big Dollar Days

Aired on Jan 02, 2020

Mike stumbles upon a one-of-a kind ’39 Cadillac Madam X with a steep price tag. Will he be able to resist? Meanwhile Frank puts it all on the line for a pair of Indian motorcycles. And later in the show, Mike tries to make the math work on collection of vintage motorcycles. Will the boys go big or go home?

Episode 12 Barnyard Bling
S 3 E 12

Barnyard Bling

Aired on Dec 23, 2019
Currently Unavailable on our Site
Episode 11 Garage Gold
S 3 E 11

Garage Gold

Aired on Dec 02, 2019

Mike gets a case of bad-to-the-bone Fairlane Fever and he also goes back to the future in a Dolorean with Dani when the Pickers chase Garage Gold.

Episode 10 Blockbuster Buys
S 3 E 10

Blockbuster Buys

Aired on Nov 25, 2019

Mike and Frank are on a nationwide hunt for the hottest movie memorabilia that Hollywood has forgotten.

Episode 9 Gaming Gold
S 3 E 9

Gaming Gold

Aired on Nov 21, 2019

It’s Game On for Mike and Frank when they score an 80’s inspired arcade of jackpot picks and a super-rare, horse racing game that Mike bets is a winner!

Episode 8 A Hard Day's Pick
S 3 E 8

A Hard Day's Pick

Aired on Nov 14, 2019

Mike and Frank’s skills are put to the test when they come across a bunch of tough negotiators.

Episode 7 Cars! Cars! Cars!
S 3 E 7

Cars! Cars! Cars!

Aired on Nov 07, 2019

Mike and Frank put the pedal to the picking metal in this non-stop car picking spectacular.

Episode 6 FrankenFritz and the Wolfeman
S 3 E 6

FrankenFritz and the Wolfeman

Aired on Oct 31, 2019

On the creepiest, spookiest and kookiest night of the year, Mike and Frank come across a collector with a taste for high voltage oddities.

Episode 5 Picks of the 3rd Kind
S 3 E 5

Picks of the 3rd Kind

Aired on Oct 24, 2019

Rockets! Rayguns! Robots! Mike and Frank have a blast encountering out of this world picks.

Episode 4 More Wicked Pickin'
S 3 E 4

More Wicked Pickin'

Aired on Oct 17, 2019

Mike and Frank return to their favorite part of the country to pick more of New England’s rich history.

Episode 3 Off the Grid
S 3 E 3

Off the Grid

Aired on Oct 14, 2019

Mike and Frank meet some interesting characters whose collections are even more far out and ripe for picking.

Episode 2 Dani 3D
S 3 E 2

Dani 3D

Aired on Oct 10, 2019

Dani and Mike combine for star power picking and find rare Beatles and Evel Knievel items.

Episode 1 Flyer Finds
S 3 E 1

Flyer Finds

Aired on Oct 07, 2019

Freestyling on the road, Mike and Frank check off all the boxes on their flyer as they pick some real treasures.

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