Season 4 (10)

5 Seasons | 135 Episodes

Episode 10 Auburned, Over and Out
S 4 E 10

Auburned, Over and Out

Currently Unavailable on our Site
Episode 9 Sports Car Dreams
S 4 E 9

Sports Car Dreams

Mike and Frank are on the search for the coolest cars they can find! But will their sports car dreams come true, or will it become a picker’s nightmare?

Episode 8 It's Always Sunny in Picksylvania
S 4 E 8

It's Always Sunny in Picksylvania

Aired on Mar 15, 2021

Mike and Frank scour the Keystone state in search of unique characters with one-of-a-kind finds. First stop is a jam-packed warehouse/mancave where they come across an ultra-rare Spiderman comic book. Next they meet Leo, a tailor with a surprisingly amount of antique rarities and Morgan, a mad scientist with some explosively interesting items. The sun always shines when the guys are in Picksylvania.

Episode 7 Show Me the Money
S 4 E 7

Show Me the Money

Aired on Mar 08, 2021

It’s the holy grail of VW buses, but are Mike and Frank willing to spend big bucks to overhaul this unicorn? Then on their next find, they meet Norm, owner of a jaw-dropping collection of vintage pedal cars. Are they ready to show him the money?

Episode 6 Wild and Wacky Picks
S 4 E 6

Wild and Wacky Picks

Aired on Mar 01, 2021

Mike and Frank head east to discover fantastic finds from fast talking Jacky Hollywood whose auto body creations are true works of art. And Mike can’t help falling in love with a life-size sculpture of Elvis. Will he make a deal or return to sender?

Episode 5 Bootleg Bonanza
S 4 E 5

Bootleg Bonanza

Aired on Feb 22, 2021
Currently Unavailable on our Site
Episode 4 America's Funniest Picks
S 4 E 4

America's Funniest Picks

Aired on Feb 15, 2021

Kick back, relax, and get ready for a barrel of laughs. Watch as Mike and Frank take you on an uproarious journey of playful picks and pranks.

Episode 3 Wheel Treasures
S 4 E 3

Wheel Treasures

Aired on Feb 01, 2021

Bikes, Cycles and scooters, oh my. Mike digs deep and heads into the rafters to uncover a honeyhole of rare bicycles. Later the guys meet the ultimate chopper king, a tough negotiator with enough spare parts to outfit a rare ride, but will he spare the parts?

Episode 2 Dani D Delivers the Goods
S 4 E 2

Dani D Delivers the Goods

Aired on Jan 18, 2021

Dani D is wheelin’ and dealin’ her way across the country, but will she deliver the goods for Picker pals Mike, Frank and Robbie?

Episode 1 Road Trip Gold
S 4 E 1

Road Trip Gold

Aired on Oct 01, 2020

Gas up the van and pack the cooler on this cross country tour du force of historic Route 66. Buckle up with Mike and Frank as they cruise the country for rusty roadside Americana that made this country as good as gold.

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