Big Easy Motors

Big Easy Motors

S 1 E 11

The Franken-Fury

Aug 09, 2016 | 21m 16s | tv-pg l | CC

After a local lawyer informs Charles and Trey of an estate sale, they race over to find a rare 1968 Plymouth Fury 3. Because the Fury was a seen simply as a conventional 60’s family vehicle, it was overlooked by many vintage car collectors, but their value is on the rise. The guys decide to spruce up the old grocery-getter by turning it into a street legal racer, which proves to be no easy task when they realize car has no engine. With only a few weeks to get it to a prominent car show, the crew gears up for one of their toughest challenges yet–turning a mid-level, family sedan into a blood pumping, hair raising, collectible musclecar.

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