Episode 1 Corvette Kings
S 1 E 1

Corvette Kings

Aired on Sep 15, 2021

Corvettes take center stage when the crew spots one of Danny’s favorite cars on the road. Will Danny and the crew be able to make a deal on these classic beauties or will their attempts prove to be futile?

Episode 2 Cadillac Men
S 1 E 2

Cadillac Men

Aired on Sep 15, 2021

Danny and his crew are living in luxury when they are tasked with restoring two Cadillacs–a ’62 Caddy and a ’69 Sedan deVille. But will the high price of bringing these classics back to life be too much for these guys to handle?

Episode 3 Muscle Car Magic
S 1 E 3

Muscle Car Magic

Aired on Sep 22, 2021

Danny can never resist a muscle car, especially when it comes to taking a classic and cranking up the power under the hood. But when he rolls the dice on a 1967 GTO and ’68 Camaro that are in both need of serious work will he be firing on all cylinders with this restoration or will he be left with clunkers he can’t sell?

Episode 4 Hot Blooded Hot Rods
S 1 E 4

Hot Blooded Hot Rods

Aired on Sep 29, 2021

It’s bye bye baby for Danny after he restores a 1932 Highboy Ford. But he knows he just can’t part with it. Will the couple go for a last-minute switch to a 1925 Model T? Then, Danny and the boys fix up a ’35 Chevy from Davey Deals with a catch. The Hot Rod needs a boat to match. Will Danny get his sea legs on to seal the deal?

Episode 5 Ford Fever
S 1 E 5

Ford Fever

Aired on Oct 06, 2021

Danny gets Ford Fever when he looks to trick out two of the most iconic rides around–a ’74 Ford F100and a ’67 Mustang. Will he flip them for a profit or add to the Count’s collection?

Episode 6 Chevy Chasers
S 1 E 6

Chevy Chasers

Aired on Oct 13, 2021

Fulfilling one client’s dream to recreate his first car becomes a total nightmare when Danny buys a rotted-out Camaro Z28 restoration on the internet. And later, music royalty shows up with a Chevy Blazer and a two-fold goal of tricking out the truck for tailgating and paying tribute to his Tennessee roots.

Episode 7 That 70s Car
S 1 E 7

That 70s Car

Aired on Oct 20, 2021

Danny loves cars from the seventies. In this episode he tackles two icons of the era, the Chevy El Camino and a Superfly Cadillac Eldorado, a.k.a. Pimpmobile.

Episode 8 Tricked Out Trucks
S 1 E 8

Tricked Out Trucks

Aired on Oct 27, 2021

When Danny comes upon a pair of vintage Chevy trucks in relatively good shape, he’s thinking easy money, just a little paint and polish. But nothing is ever that easy.

Episode 9 Famous Rides
S 1 E 9

Famous Rides

Aired on Nov 10, 2021

The cars are the stars and bikes, too, when Danny and the Count’s Kustoms crew re-create and restore some of the most famous vehicles of film and television from the 70s and 80s.

Episode 10 Heavy Metal
S 1 E 10

Heavy Metal

Aired on Nov 10, 2021

When Rock and Roll’s greatest stars need specialized rides, they know exactly who to turn to. But can Danny and Count’s Kustoms really make a truck worthy of Rob Zombie in just 7 days? And will Tommy Lee accept a substitute for his beloved bike after a devastating crash?

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