Counting Cars Danny’s Eight “Cool Cars for Cool Cats”

Danny "The Count" Koker has seen more cool cars than your average guy. In fact, he's an expert in cool cars. We asked him to put together a list of eight "cool cars for cool cats" from “Counting Cars” for you automobile aficionados out there. Check them out below!

1973 Buick Riviera

Season 4, Episode 6: 'King and the Count': Kevin and the team come together to make something special for Danny, but it’s a ride once owned by the King himself that brings Danny to his knees. Watch now without signing in.

Danny Says:

This Riviera went through a complete overhaul and got a one-of-a-kind paint job from Ryan Evans and his paint team. The team lowered this car on coilovers for comfort—and a badass look. This car was featured in the SEMA Show. The 455ci Olds engine was completely rebuilt to make sure it runs just as good as it looks!

Straight-up showing off... That's all I gotta say about the Riviera. It's just straight-up showing off.

1955 Chevy Gasser

Season 8, Episode 16: 'Danny Doubles Down': Danny throws budget and restraint out the window, turning his old 1955 Chevy into a world class ’70s-era Gasser. Watch now without signing in.

Danny Says:

The '55 Gasser needed to not only look good but perform even better! Ryan and the team went off on the old-school paint scheme. The fab department took the front end and made an entire steel-tilt front end, rather than the normal fiberglass-tilt front ends. They also did a complete roll cage on the interior to keep all occupants of the vehicle safe. The Gasser is powered by a 454ci Chevy big block with a Hilborn injection system with a turbo 400 trans. This car is set up for the street, but also set up to take it out to the drags.

This car represents an era of the late ’60s-early ’70s when guys would use their daily-driver street cars as dragsters. This one pays respect to that vibe as a full-on dragster, yet it's a show car with a license plate.

1964 Ford Galaxie

Season 2, Episode 1: 'You Talkin’ To Me?': Danny gets sidetracked by a curious lady in a hot pink Beetle while trying to score a classic Ford Galaxie. Watch now without signing in.

Danny Says:

This Galaxie was made to be a tribute to the Galaxie 500 Lightweights of the ’60s. This car is powered by a 429ci big-block Ford backed with a C4 transmission. The paint team painted this car in a gorgeous Wimbledon White, and Ryan hand-painted the 429ci on the hood.

Understated coolness, old-school proper Ford muscle car, classy style, big-block power…off-the-beaten-path coolness.

1965 Pontiac GTO. Photo credit Hulton Archive/Getty Images

1971 Cadillac Superfly

Season 3, Episode 7: 'Pimpmobile': The shop finally gets to work on Danny's famous '71 Superfly Cadillac, but Kevin isn't feeling the love. Watch now without signing in.

Danny Says:

This Cadillac is powered by a 500ci big-block Cadillac engine and front-wheel drive. Les Dunham Coachworks out of New Jersey designed the entire front end and Continental kit in the rear, turning this Cadillac Eldorado into a Cadillac Superfly. Ryan and the team went off on the gold paint with heavy-metal flake and some gold panels to break up all that flake. The interior is decked out in fur and faux snakeskin leather.

Pimpmobile personified...saw my first one on Woodward Avenue in Detroit when I was a kid… knew someday I had to have one. It’s the real deal Dunham Coach Superfly Cadillac, just like the one in the [1971 Super Fly] movie. One of my personal prize possessions in my collection.

1962 Kellison

Season 9, Episode 1: 'Killer Kellison': Danny and the guys take on a rare and valuable American street machine with big hopes for bringing it to this year’s SEMA Convention in Las Vegas. Watch now without signing in.

Danny Says:

This Kellison has an LS3 [engine] with a Borla induction system. The team wanted to mimic some stylistic properties of the Jaguar, Mercedes and Aston Martins of the ’60s. The LS3 is backed by a 4l80e automatic transmission.

This car is in my personal collection and will stay in my personal collection. A wonderful combination of American muscle and performance with European styling. It's beyond rare. I love this car.

Actor Paul Le Mat, standing beside a Ford Model B five-window coupe. Photo credit: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

1968 Bullitt Mustang

Season 1, Episode 1: 'McQueen for a Day': Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison shows up to give the guys of Count’s Kustoms the project of a lifetime. Can they take a beat up ’68 Mustang Fastback and turn it into Steve McQueen’s old Bullitt ride within Rick’s modest budget? Watch now without signing in.

Danny Says:

This Bullitt Mustang is a 1968 in Highland Green, just like in the Steve McQueen movie, Bullitt. It's outfitted with a built 302 [engine] and a C4 trans, correct American Racing Torq Thrust D wheels and all badges deleted, just like the car in the movie.

I really loved doing this build. Got to do it for my man Rick Harrison at the Pawn Shop, who's been a dear friend for years. But, for me, the coolest part was paying tribute to Steve McQueen's Bullitt Mustang from the movie, which is arguably one of my favorite cars and is in what is probably the best chase scene ever put on film.

1969 Dodge Charger

Season 8, Episode 14: 'Counts of Hazzard': The Count’s Kustoms crew is commissioned to build a car that would make Bo and Luke proud—a 21st-century version of the iconic ‘General Lee’ Dodge Charger from the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ TV show. Watch now without signing in.

Danny Says:

This Charger was built to pay respect to the "General Lee," but it has a modern drivetrain and air conditioning. It is powered by a modern 5.7L hemi. The customer wanted to make it all look like the original General Lee, but have an American flag on the roof. 1969 Chargers are just straight-up cool cars to work on. One that pays tribute to the General Lee from "The Dukes of Hazzard" TV show was awesome. And the fact that our client wanted to do an American-flag version of the "General Lee" just added coolness to the car. This car is perfect from front to back and it's one that, frankly, I wished I still owned. But it lives in a well-loved home.

Kit from Knightrider. Photo credit: Universal/Everett Collection

1977 Dodge Tradesman Van

Season 3, Episode 24: "Van-Tastic": Danny is so proud of the van he restored as a gift for his bandmate John Zito, that he decides to give his own classic van a makeover. Will he able to outdo himself? Watch now without signing in.

Danny Says:

John Zito's van is a 1977 Dodge Tradesman that was originally customized in the '70s. We basically restored it as it was in the '70s, retaining the paneling from the '70s on the inside and most of the carpet and door panels. We updated the stereo for MONSTER sound—after all, it does belong to a musician now—and Ryan did the most insanely detailed '70s-style custom paint job. We completed it with proper side pipes and Cragar SS deep-dish chrome wheels. It's a true 1970s time capsule.

This van is a personal favorite for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it came to me 100 percent original, as it was built in the '70s, so it was all there and extremely cool. We restored it and, of course, put our Count's Kustoms vibe all over it. Secondly, it went to my brother and bandmate in Count's 77, Mr. John Zito. So I get to see this van every week to this day. I never should have sold it!