Counting Cars

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Season 5 (7)

10 Seasons | 162 Episodes

Episode 1 Who's Your Caddy?
S 5 E 1

Who's Your Caddy?

Aired on Feb 16, 2016

Danny acquires a ’62 Caddy which he hopes will be a huge flip. Ryan devises a secret plan for the car behind Danny’s back, but when Danny finds out there’s some explaining to do. Later, Danny and Ryan visit a world-class dune buggy collection, while back at the shop a snafu threatens to turn the Caddy from a money maker, into a money pit.

Episode 2 Chrome Is Where the Heart Is
S 5 E 2

Chrome Is Where the Heart Is

Aired on Feb 16, 2016

Danny tries to get the derailed ’62 Caddy project back on track, while Ryan tries to make amends for a mishap by finding a flip or two for the shop. When Danny finally unveils his finished 62 Caddy, will Ryan’s paint plan make it all worth the trouble, or will this Caddy be one big expensive mess?

Episode 3 One Sweet 'Stang
S 5 E 3

One Sweet 'Stang

Aired on Feb 21, 2016

Danny scores a 1967 Mustang that he hopes he can turn into another Count’s Kustoms masterpiece. He visits a local muscle car collection for inspiration, and later brings in an expert from the Shelby headquarters for a seal of approval. But will The Count’s Mustang cut the mustard? Also, Shannon and Roli meet a classic couple and their classic 50s Chevys.

Episode 4 Harley and the Mystery Merc
S 5 E 4

Harley and the Mystery Merc

Aired on Feb 21, 2016

Danny makes a plan to put the Count’s Kustoms touch on a classic Harley Davidson that he hopes to sell for a big profit. But when the bike reaches Horny Mike the whole project is put in jeopardy. Meanwhile Danny finds a rare Mercury that he knows nothing about, but he loves it so much that he starts bidding anyway.

Episode 6 Finders Keepers
S 5 E 6

Finders Keepers

Aired on Mar 01, 2016

Danny acquires a ’74 Ford F100 he can’t wait to trick out and flip for a big profit. But after The Count falls in love with the truck and decides he wants to keep it, Kevin must sell it before Danny catches on. Meanwhile Ryan and Mike meet Spence, who has a couple of cool ’56 Chevys in his driveway, and they bring Danny back to try to convince Spence to sell him one, or both of them.

 6 Carl's Corvette
S 5 E 6

Carl's Corvette

Aired on Mar 08, 2016

Danny gets a once in a lifetime commission from burger giant Carl’s Jr., who is celebrating its 75th anniversary. With full creative control, a big budget, and the car of his choice, Danny builds the Corvette of his dreams, but when he plays with the client’s iconic logo, has he gone too far? Meanwhile, Ryan and Shannon try to score a classic Ford Fairlane, and Mike can’t get over the crazy rides in a local dealer’s shop.

Episode 10 Swap Meet Mayhem
S 5 E 10

Swap Meet Mayhem

Aired on Mar 15, 2016

When Danny challenges the guys to come up with innovative money-making ideas for the shop, Shannon proposes building a bike from parts picked up at a swap meet, and Mike ups the ante by challenging Shannon to do it all in one day. While Shannon, Ryan and Mike are at the swap meet, Danny and Kevin hit an auction in Palm Springs to see if they can find any treasure in the desert.

Episode 12 Run It Like You Brung It
S 5 E 12

Run It Like You Brung It

Aired on Mar 22, 2016

Mike gifts all the guys with their own drifter trikes, under one condition–they must customize them, then race them at the local track. Everyone is up to the challenge. Everyone except Kevin that is, and Mike has to go to extremes to make sure his trike gets done. When Danny hits the streets and comes upon a property full of funeral cars, he finds himself in hearse heaven.

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