Down East Dickering

Down East Dickering

S 2 E 4

Used Cars and Old Guitars

Dec 03, 2014 | 41m 30s | tv-pg l | CC

Tony and Codfish pick up a handful of musical instruments they find advertised in Uncle Henry’s and resell them to their music-shop pal Mark for a tidy profit. Meanwhile, over in Minot, Yummy’s received a letter from the town council kindly requesting that he clean up the mess in his yard. Now it’s up to Mitch to make his dad see the light–if they can get the garbage from the dooryard to the scrapyard, they could turn this problem into a money-making opportunity. And new team Greg and Tim Morin, Maine’s resident dickering twins, prove their business savvy with a pricey purchase of three limos that ends up paying for itself in no time.

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