Episode 2 Greece: Age Of Alexander
S 1 E 2

Greece: Age Of Alexander

438 BC. The Parthenon is complete. This masterpiece is the crowning achievement for the Greek people. Without Alexander the Great, it is possible Greece’s Golden Era would have been just a footnote in history. Tens of thousands would die during Alexander’s relentless attacks on Persia and Egypt, yet, his armies carried Greek life, culture and values far abroad and this empire became known as the “Hellenistic” world. Greece’s amazing engineering achievements and ideas are still with us today.

 9 China.
S 1 E 9


Aired on Nov 13, 2006

For over 4000 years, the world’s greatest empires have come and gone–only China has survived the test of time. Century after century, China’s regal emperors mobilized immense peasant armies to accomplish engineering feats unparalleled in human history. Among the groundbreaking innovations were the world’s longest canal and a naval fleet mightier than all those of Europe combined. However, none can compare to the colossal 4,000-mile wall that stands as the most ambitious construction project ever built. From such heights came spectacular death spirals, as dynasty after dynasty, consumed by vanity and greed was stripped of power by the people it had ruled. Peter Weller hosts.

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